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High Council of ORION message for 11th December 2022

Greetings beloved ones WE ARE the High Council of ORION and we come to guide and to support our children at a time of vast chaos and upheaval. WE ARE here to guide and to support in order that you can delete the programming within the human physical vehicle that is holding the outer in place.

WE ask that YOU understand the value of YOUr human life experience, the experiences that are leading to vast and deep understanding of what this race goes thru each lifetime is allowing for a picture to appear that is unique. As YOU work thru the issues that are now arising within YOUr life experience KNOW that WE stand beside YOU, holding YOU in the LOVE that IS.

Vast changes will now flood into the human life experience as YOU learn to let go fully and allow the winds of change to flow thru YOUr human physical vehicle. It is non TRUTH to attempt to figure this out thru the human logical mind because it is referencing that which has ALREADY been experienced. Now YOU are asked to allow the experience that is now flooding thru YOU to take YOU into NEW experiences.

We place the following to guide and to support YOU at this time:




Aqua Marine








New World


WE ARE here with YOU as YOU now begin to arise and to shine the LIGHT of TRUTH to every part of YOUr human life experience. As this process begins, WE ASK for YOU to understand that there is no going back, onwards is the only direction in which YOU can now walk and in doing so understand TRUTH to new levels.

WE ARE the High Council of ORION

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. Article may not be reproduced and remains the property of Karen Doonan at all times.

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