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Illuminating the GARDENER in TRUTH

Human language hides in plain view that which we walk within.  Many talk in gardening terms, its  what we plant that we can grow and that which grows that can work for us or indeed against us.  But when we tend to our inner emotional landscape we can be blinded by the invisible gardener to tends to it when our attention is focused elsewhere.  The old earth construct/matrix is one huge distraction, there is so much to grab the attention of humanity, like a giant fun fair and this of course is deliberate.  When distraction hits then there is the opportunity for manipulation.   Its like nipping out for a pint of milk but leaving a window open.

The gardener who works against humanity is of course Satan himself. He is the one who plants the seeds when we are distracted and will continue to distract us in order said seeds will get a chance to not only establish themselves in our inner emotional landscape but will blossom.  These seeds are always poison, they make look attractive but they are death and when they bloom they reap.  By contrast TRUTH blooms when watered with LOVE in TRUTH and cannot be removed, the seeds of TRUTH are often planted over by Satan but no matter how much he waters his seeds TRUTH will grow through them. Thus we have an inner landscape that seeks to have us place focus on that which is permitted to grow.  Often we will attempt to cut and trim back the blossoms of TRUTH in favor of the seeds of Satan because we are conditioned to accept these seeds and will help them grow when we should be allowing them to be cut and weeded.

Staying with the analogy of the inner emotional landscape being a garden, who do we allow to walk through our garden? who do we allow to walk through without question?  This is often those we are blind to and they will be able to get very close to us because usually we are blood related to them. Satan hires local landscapers for his gardening and he does so because they are not subject to the checks that others may be.  How often do we allow our immediate family and those closest to us to simply walk over our emotions and never challenge the walk?

It is these hidden landscapers who drop further seeds.  Perhaps our immediate family (and in particular our immediate caregivers such as our parents) do not agree with our views on life or our choice of lifestyle,  they will wander through our inner landscape and attempt to mold it to that which they believe it should look like.  If we are not careful the inner landscape will begin to take shape without us ever taking any steps to alter it to that which is ours.

This internal planting and reaping is ramping up a notch as humanity are being prepared for the next harvesting.  It is to be noted that the harvest happens twice a year and does so in accordance with Lucifers direction.  We are either in the first harvest or the second harvest dependent upon our bloodlines.  It is not based on anything other than frequency and this must be understood.  It is not because we are born into a particular family that affects us so much as the BLOOD FREQUENCY of the entire bloodline. As we generally cannot trace our own family lineage back to Adam and Eve we are blinded by it.

The continual conditioning that is kept tightly knit within family lineage is that which is being prepared for harvest at this time.  Distractions, family disharmony and out right confrontation will begin to pick up but for most this will be written off as "family dynamics" and will be ignored.  The greatest influencers in the entire world are those who are nearest to us in blood line whether they are still in human physical form or have passed from it.  NOTHING ELSE INFLUENCES TO THE LEVELS they do despite the obvious distractions from social media and the media in general.

Lucifer did not sit the frequency monitor in the general population, he popped it next to the tea kettle so that he could keep an eye on everyone.

At this time we are asked to become more aware of that which we are allowing to grow within us and to challenge those who seek to walk unhindered through a landscape that they have no sovereignty to in TRUTH.  Our emotional landscape is the very core of our being in this our PHYSICAL HUMAN FORM. Where we find emotional distress, emotional tiredness and a sense of feeling overwhelmed we are under the control of the invisible gardener and his landscapers.  It is precisely at times when we can feel this deep within us that we should turn inward but Satan already knows this, these are the times he seeks to validate the emotional turmoil through the external distractions thereby having us give unspoken permission to keep on planting.

We are asked to lock the garden by placing the gates of surrender around it.  By surrendering fully to Christ and allowing our Creator YHWY to show us that which is a weed and that which is to bloom and to trust His revelation.  All too often the human eyes get distracted by a lovely bloom or a beautiful color, evil comes in all colors, all shapes and all  sizes to fit all. TRUTH comes in one color only and does not seek to dazzle, it doesnt need to for TRUTH JUST IS. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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