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Recognizing the TRAUMA protecting the wound

It is relatively easy to understand that humanity are undergoing a traumatic and divisive experience, even more so the last 15 months or so which will begin to surface over the coming months and years as the trauma reveals itself. Understanding the actual wound that TRAUMA protects is necessary in order to move beyond the trauma itself. We have all had experience of trauma, we cannot have taken human physical form without experiencing it as the physical human plane of existence demands both polarization and separation as entry.

WE ARE now asked to understand the wound that we are protecting by focusing only on the trauma. WE ARE being triaged by HEAVEN in TRUTH and depending on the depth of the trauma we will be held in various phases as we move thru the triage process. What will delay this healing is our own perception of what a wound is and what trauma is because humanity itself believe that the human life experience is valid. It is not. A race kept divided, kept traumatized and kept polarized is undergoing trauma each and every moment of its existence. It has been normalized thru the deep conditioning that occurs within the family lineage of the human race and thru the societal conditioning that has now been revealed but is not seen by those who are of a lowered frequency.

Indeed the shouting to wake up is pointless because they cannot hear us. ALL is frequency and frequency affects all, so sight, sound, taste, heat, cold etc are all FREQUENCY orientated. Many are shouting in the wind and the only ones hearing them are those who are causing the trauma in the first place. It is waste of energy and is opposed by HEAVEN in TRUTH. We would not shout at a war ravaged soldier because he refuses to give up his weapon believing that he is defending himself. Yet many take a very aggressive stance with those who are using the various tools given to them by the old earth to defend themselves. The masks are there to protect US not them and we must understand this at a deeper symbolic level by going deep into our heart space and allowing HEAVEN in TRUTH to triage us.

Until we do this the battle will rage for humanity are the war ravaged soldiers, used by the energies that have patrolled and created this dimensional space. They know not what they do because they do not know what is going on. That is not their fault, they did not ask to be born into trauma. This does not mean that we simply stand by and do nothing, the paradox presented to us at this time does not exist in TRUTH.

We allow the triage from HEAVEN in TRUTH and then we move in frequency, it is the understanding that occurs deep within our heart space that allows us to reach the picture that simply rejecting the picture keeps from us. We must go thru it, beyond the limits that are not actually there by raising our frequency from within our heart space.

The human eyes lie, the human ears lie, the human physical vehicle lies but TRUTH JUST IS, it is found deep within the heart space, it is what HEAVEN in TRUTH use in our triage.



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