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Removal of False Identity in TRUTH

We are heavily and continually conditioned in this our human life experience in respect of "identity", we are not who we believe we are because we are born into a construct that seeks to have us identify with the human soul aspect of what we are here to experience.  This TRUTH is denied by many within humanity who attempt to go into rebellion and force an identity to manifest not understanding that identity is a construct itself and sits deep within the cellular structure of the human vehicle into which the human soul is placed.

I have blogged about the expansion process (more detailed information is available on the main Releasing Eden website) and the need to surrender to the influx of wider creation frequencies that are now fully dissolving that which has held humanity in chains forever.  The surrender is required because we are in this our human physical form given free will. However free will has been used as a sort of "carrot and stick" within the old earth construct.  We are conditioned to rebel as part of the process and as rebellion is not TRUTH it keeps us stuck within loops of reasoning and logic. In order to bypass this we are required to move into our heart space and to surrender to all that comes up for release.

Surrender is not doing nothing, that is the false reference point that has many standing in full rebellion seeing surrender as something negative.  We are taking a stand by surrendering because we stand STILL ON TRUTH. View it as a rock on a lake where we will use up lots of energy we do not require to by swimming around the rock.  The ROCK is TRUTH and stands.  The water is the illusion that seeks to have us believe that we must keep moving things and changing things in the external.  MOVEMENT IS INTERNAL which sees a flood of movement externally.

Identity is the construct that is now fully dissolving in order that we reach TRUTH.  We allow the full dissolving of all identity and this may be challenging for many who have sought to address the issues by standing on the false sand of any identity. We have taken human physical form, logic states that we are therefore male, female or tall or small or Scottish or Canadian or Chinese etc.  these are LABELS that seek to hide our identity.  This will be revealed more fully over the coming linear few days as the outer waking reality begins to break down and NO LONGER SUPPORTS FALSE IDENTITY.

Therefore any human life experience that has its foundation "soul"ly on identity will begin to move and shift and crumble.  We have been conditioned to build a life on sand and the sand has always shifted. We are now asked to remain still on the Rock of TRUTH and to know that all sand will simply blow away.  It is the power of LOVE in TRUTH that allows this to happen for the frequency of LOVE in TRUTH is the most powerful force in the universe.

We in this our human physical form have never experienced this as we have been born time and time again over and over into a construct that has denied us this experience.  As the outer waking reality begins to shift and to move we become more fluid because wider creation in TRUTH is fluid. It is not TRUTH for a static construct to keep us chained to static, all of creation moves and shifts, like the oceans rise and fall and we also will begin to move into fluidity.  This will bring up many varied fears as the human logical mind begins to demand answers and to demand that we "do" in order to become "solid" once more.

The more routine that humanity have the more challenging this phase of the expansion process will be for them. There is NO security in routine, it is yet another conditioned response designed to protect the static, stale construct that is separate from wider creation.

TRUTH JUST IS and will now reveal itself in a variety of ways.  Denial of TRUTH will result in a fragmentation of the human life experience and many within humanity will feel as if they have gone over the edge of madness. TRUST the process for TRUTH JUST IS and we have been denied this forever. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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