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We are at this time in a state of massive expansion in TRUTH and are at the threshold of momentous understanding of the context into which our human life experience has been placed within.   Once we begin to understand the context then we can move into understanding of why the outer waking reality takes the form that it does and more importantly we can work to alter said outer waking reality.

Often we will hit various bumps in the road as we walk this path and we begin to see at levels that have been denied to us within this physical realm.  It is not enough to view the outer waking reality at a naked human eye level because the manifestation of the reality around us physically blinds us to that which is hidden within us.

At this time we are being given the opportunity to move lanes, to adapt to higher levels of frequency and to bypass that which has had us chained to loops of physical experience over lifetimes.  The lifetimes themselves have been linked via various frequencies that are now coming up for dissolving.  We are not our past lives and our past lives are used to limit that which we permit ourselves to move out of at any one time.

There are various and many false teachings that seek (much like the shadow false teachings) to have us permit other lifetimes to influence this one and seek to have us again wear our previous life experience as a sort of badge of honor.  The multi verse for want of a better description is deliberately fragmented. It was fragmented in an attempt to prevent us from reaching the levels of frequency that allow us to reach the parking lot (see yesterdays blog) and even begin to understand the vast picture that humanity have been denied access to.

SILVER is a frequency that now opens for those who are ready to EXPUNGE the entire past life experience that has prevented their frequency from expansion.  It is to be noted once again I am not talking about the mineral but about the frequency itself. SILVER is an angelic frequency that has been hidden to humanity due to its ability to bypass the gatekeepers to the old earth construct/matrix timelines.  Many are now passing the frequency threshold that requires the use of the SILVER frequency in order to gain access to the ROOT timeline that all others are fragmented from.

It is to be noted that as we move thru the expansion in TRUTH process then we are dissolving all that is not TRUTH in order to deepen and expand our frequency and as this happens we align more fully with TRUTH. View it as a magnetic influence (which frequency is at its core) that works to bring TRUTH to our feet, we no longer have to go looking for that which requires to be dissolved. It will present itself and we step into and BEYOND it.

At this time the SILVER frequency is available in order that those who have worked to clear emotional debris in relation to PAST LIFE EXPERIENCE can now go beyond this trap and step fully onto the path beneath their feet. Not all who are in human physical form require this frequency, as with all that is TRUTH there are various adaptations that seek to copy TRUTH and present itself as TRUTH but which runs at 99% of the actual frequency.  Past life experience prevents movement due to the BLACK BOX of fear that is stored at cellular level within the human physical form.

We are our ancestors, as we birth into family lineage this is not our first time within said family and this TRUTH is hidden in the linear time frames that surround this experience.  We are asked now to go deep within our heart space and to surrender IN Christ as He now illuminates that which is preventing our physical movement into TRUTH at this time.

For further information around the SILVER frequency please visit the main Releasing Eden website. To order the SILVER meditation please click here. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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