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The speck of dust in TRUTH

We are never more blind than when we have a speck of dust that keeps irritating us and we simply cannot see it. The speck is often so small it is not seen by the naked human eyes but cause irritation that sees us begin to WEEP. The weeping is that which the Old Earth Matrix requires in order to keep us blind to that which is trying to remain hidden deep within ourselves. This is a time of vast cleansing and we are being asked to cleanse from the inside out.

It can be distressing when we are deep frustration and there appears to be nowhere to turn to but that which is causing the distress is the speck of dust that remains hidden to us. It is Christ himself who comes to us and sits with us as we then begin to understand that it is something that we CARRY INSIDE that is causing our distress. ALL JUST IS , it is how we place things in a context that sees us weep, cry, laugh or get angry and often the 1 degree of false context is all that it takes to have us in a tail spin.

At this time Wider Creation in TRUTH has us in a hazmat suit hosing us down with TRUTH. That which is not TRUTH cannot go into Wider Creation so we are held in the quarantine zone until we let go of that which is forcing said quarantine. We may have the right idea but the wrong context and there are least 144,000 who are sitting at this time with the correct information but the wrong context, context is everything.

The speck of dust is that which contaminates our human life experience, it is the false frequency that seeks to have us who we are not. It seeks to have us poison ourselves thru allowing it to remain but it will build a defense mechanism that sees us put the speck in the eye of someone else around us. This is always personal to us, quarantine is that which is put upon us because we are being poisoned from within.

WE ARE asked to trust the process and to understand that we are held for our own safety, when we work to release the speck then we are then clean and can proceed. Until we are clean we are kept in a sterile environment which will see things not manifest, it will see things put on hold, it will see a sort of stasis ensue because it is not TRUTH to manifest therefore it will not.



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