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Humanity have been enslaved thru the polarization of the human life experience thru the suppression of the DNA/RNA coding of TRUTH. The reptilian DNA/RNA that was spliced into the human race has worked to keep humanity within a construct of control and suppression which is beyond blasphemy.

As we are now approaching the EVENT HORIZON in relation to the full removal of ALL veils that have been placed upon the human life experience we are then being moved into PHASE TWO which is the understanding and full experience of WE ARE.

The false teachings in respect of the "divine" female and even the "divine" male have set in place a polarization that many are locked deeply into. Calling the dimensional space that humanity are chained to "mother earth" has seen a false reality accepted readily by those who work from the edges of polarity itself.

We are told in the book of GENESIS:

Genesis 1:27, KJV: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."

This has then be used to bind humanity to a context that is simply not understood from the polarity teachings. TOGETHER is WE, equality is not men being women nor vice versa. It is not the return of the "divine" anything, it is the unveiling of all that is not TRUTH.

The human male has been used by the human female for sport, for food and for power. It is the dominant gene sitting within the human female, which is a deliberate creation of the human physical vehicle by those who placed humanity within this dimensional space referenced as earth that has seen the formation of generations of harvests from the emotional distress and debris that this has caused.

Humanity only experience duality, making men more female does not bring balance, making females more male does not bring balance. REMOVING THE FAULTY CODING AT ROOT DOES.

WE ARE is a physical manifestation of TRUTH. It is not something that is attained thru the misuse of energetic power and yet energetic power has been used to keep this dimensional space in place.

AS WE ARE now begins to anchor within those who have incarnated INTO humanity to move this race from polarity into TRUTH then more corruption will rise to the surface. More TRUTH will be revealed and many will simply turn from it. Many will now leave the physical plane because TRUTH is too strong a frequency for them to hold.

This will be sold to humanity as the end of times, the end of civilization and in doing so will create a wave that is equal to the flood of GENESIS in TRUTH. IT is the end of a civilization that has taken human form, that has walked this dimensional space devouring all in its path. THE END OF TIMES IS THE END OF DARKNESS and the beginning of ALL IN TRUTH.

To those who are now poised on the edge of Phase TWO, who have been moved into the understanding that is necessary in order to understand the outer waking reality you are asked to go within and remove the faulty coding. This allows for full PHYSICAL ANCHORING in TRUTH.

The flood will wipe this dimensional space clean, it will wash away every speck of dust and it will reveal TRUTH in human physical human form. For those who now are aware of this the time to step on to the ROCK to rise above the flood water is NOW.



(c) karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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