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Understanding FAITH in TRUTH

We are bombarded by the old earth construct/matrix with 'words" and "references" for said words. It is to be noted that not all cultures use the same reference point for the words within human language. It can wildly vary that which is used and that which is meant, context also alters depending upon culture, sometimes gender (many languages have male and female words and contexts) and in many instances these cannot be cross translated.

It is the same with the word FAITH which has been used to anchor something that is not what it seems.  When the word FAITH is used it is often used in the religious context which seeks to place it as something that cannot be defined nor validated.  "I have FAITH" is a phrase that is often used to control and to manipulate.  The construct of religion seeking place the reference point of this word in the human logical mind and to place it as something that is "unseen".

This word is then used to further manipulate by placing it in a context where we are asked to blindly put our trust in something that we cannot see.   FAITH IN TRUTH will always be validated by our Creator YHWY. we may be asked to take a leap of FAITH and to trust the path that our Creator YHWY places before us but that is temporary. The building of FAITH IN TRUTH is the taking a step beyond where our human logical mind says that we can go but then said step being validated physically by our Creator YHWY through human physical experience of that which we are being asked to be in TRUST about.

It is not something that our Creator YHWY simply dangles in front of us akin to a carrot to keep us walking blindly.  Our Creator YHWY does not keep us blind, He opens our eyes by removing the veils that have sought to cover them, HE PROVIDES THE ANSWERS BEYOND OUR HUMAN LOGICAL MIND and He solves the mysteries that the old earth construct/matrix seeks to keep hidden and unsolved.

Knowledge is not the foundation of FAITH, LOVE in TRUTH is the foundation of wider creation in TRUTH and is the foundation of our FAITH IN TRUTH.  Just as when we were small children learning to walk we placed our trust in the adults around us who helped us as we began the journey to standing up from crawling and began to take our first steps. This is what we build with our Creator YHWY thru our surrender to His Son, Christ.  At each step we are given the validation to that which we have been asked to accept.  Thus the hidden path beneath our feet becomes the cement path that we walk upon, we do not remain in the dark, we do not just hold on hoping and wondering, our wonder is satisfied by the validation of our FAITH IN TRUTH.

The construct of religion cannot provide this because the construct of religion is placed upon the foundation of old earth construct/matrix and is placed in a very logical and reasoning context.  There is no logic and reason to be found in TRUTH in the word of YHWY because our Creator did not speak from this.  Our Creator YHWY spoke in LOVE in TRUTH which is a different context and a completely different vibration and frequency.  That which the mind cannot comprehend is understood completely when translated through the deep part of our heart space.

Unfortunately we have been conditioned to speak in mind speak and this is gaining in its hold within humanity. We can be reasonable and logical all we want but logic and reason are bystanders to the human life experience itself.  We will build high walls when we use logic and reason because logic and reason demand the walls as protection.  LOVE in TRUTH requires no walls because it is TRUTH and as it is TRUTH is simply dissolves all that is not TRUTH. It flows where others are prevented because it is fluid, it is pliable, not rigid and dense.

At this time our FAITH in TRUTH is being strengthened as we are being given physical experience of that which most of humanity simply reject because they refuse to surrender and open their heart space.  The old earth construct/matrix is a labyrinth which is laid upon a set of unwritten rules. It requires to be surrendered in order to reach TRUTH but many enjoy the puzzles too much. Sitting solving puzzles does nothing but strengthen the walls, we cannot puzzle our way out of the old earth construct/matrix any more than we can think our way out of our own reality.

We are asked at this time to understand the walk that we have taken and to understand that the walk that we continue to take will widen and deepen our understanding of the darkness that we were born into and from which we are now reborn in TRUTH.

In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed are king but a king is just a king and can be overthrown. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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