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Understanding hope in TRUTH

We exist in a world that is fluid, it can move and shift and expand and collapse and yet we are conditioned in this our human form to accept "linear", there is nothing linear in TRUTH about the human life experience.  It is precisely because it is not linear that we are conditioned to place upon our waking life experience a false containment.  Many within humanity when faced with changes that trigger internal emotional residue will pull out all stops to place a very static set of rules upon their human life experience.

We are conditioned to look for patterns and in looking for patterns we create a labrynth which hides the control that the human logical mind will exert over our human life experience if not held in check. We do not find our faith in our human mind, we do not find love in TRUTH in our human logical mind, nor do we find hope, hope exists in the space that defies logic, within the human heart space.

When we surrender to our Savior Christ we are asked to surrender our all, not just little parts of our life we no do not relate to.  The sacrifice is the entire human life experience, that which will hinder this process time after time is the human logical mind which can and will fool us into believing that we are surrendered when in fact we have kept the deepest part of our heart space hidden.  It is within our heart that Christ walks, we can debate Him for eternity and none of the debate even touches His message which is Love in TRUTH.

We are not asked to follow complicated rituals or rote, we are asked "merely" to surrender.  So how do we surrender in a world that seeks to continually trigger our emotional residue and have us take up the reins almost blindly?  We move into the heart space where we are shown hope and faith in the remit of TRUTH.  We can say that we love but what we will find that said "love" has a set of unwritten rules attached to it and anyone who walks to the edges or even breaks these unwritten rules will be placed in a context that is other than love in TRUTH.

This does not mean that we simply lie down in the middle of the proverbial road and allow life to run over us, that is not surrender, that is martyrdom and we are not here for this.  We are asked to remain in full trust and hope of our Savior Christ through deep monitoring of our own responses to the outer waking life experience. Taking action when necessary when we are stopped in our tracks due to the hidden programming that we have permitted to be anchored.  We do not sit in judgment of ourselves for that is a venture into martyrdom once more. We are shown that which we hold on to which like burning coals hurts us over and over, it is the hidden pain that we have allowed to blur our vision in this our human form.

At this time the outer waking reality will continue to break down, landscapes that humanity use to navigate the human life experience will begin to fully dissolve and as this happens those not anchored will begin to experience deep emotional distress. This will be simply be written off to human logic and the change in the way that humanity is living their life experience but a human being with a spirit that is not anchored is like a ship floating on a raging tide. It will have no direction, simply drifting and going nowhere fast. This is not what we are asked to allow to occur. We have an anchor, that anchor is Christ and He is the Rock that we stand upon as the flood waters of humanity now rise once more.

Prophesy will now begin to reveal itself to new levels, we do not require to "believe" in order for prophesy to fulfill, that is the hidden pride of humanity who seem to fall into the trap of ego over and over again. Prophesy is out with humanity for it is ordained by our Creator YHWY and needs no witness for it JUST IS.  TRUTH JUST IS and we do not require to believe, to see or even notice it, for it JUST IS.

All will now begin to ramp up for the race is almost over and with it comes the finishing line, the sheep will be separated fully from the goats and there is no changing shape within this our human physical form.

It is Christ who removes one from the other, it is Christ who stands with the sword of TRUTH which will divide mother from son, father from daughter and husband from wife. No amount of human intervention can stop TRUTH for it is outwith logic and reason. At this time we are asked to remain in prayer for a world that is now dying fully and for those who have chosen to go beyond the parameters for the human life experience, for those who believe that somehow they are one with God even when this is not possible. For those who believe that simply judging those around them and wielding forbidden spiritual knowledge will somehow get them a free pass to the new world. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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